Tip #45

Invite students from a nearby high school to read with younger students in your school library after school, or encourage your high school students to tutor younger students at a nearby elementary school. This is a win-win situation for two schools and a great opportunity for those high schoolers to earn community service credits.

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One Response to Tip #45

  1. Renee Gentry says:

    Last year the high school librarian contacted me (I’m a elementary librarian) about trying something new. Once a quarter the students from our local high school taking the Library/Media Instruction class come to the three elementary schools. At my school, the students read stories in the classrooms, shelve books, and in the future I plan for them to help process books too. Our elementary kids love it when the “big kids” come to read and it gives the high school students a chance to work on public speaking skills. I send the books ahead of time to the high school librarian who lets the kids select the books they want to read aloud. Then, they have time to practice reading the book before they come to the elementary school. Also in the library, we discuss how libraries differ from elementary to high school level but that some things stay the same such as processing. It’s been a very positive situation for all the students.

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