Tip #133

What better way to advocate for school libraries and school librarian positions than to call your elected officials! AASL recently posted this call for legislative action:

URGENT!  Please see message below and get out through all possible communication channels. 

ESEA Reauthorization is at a critical point and the school library community needs to act now!  Please call both of your senators TODAY:

    •  To find your senators go to http://capwiz.com/ala/home/ and enter your zip code in the box on the right hand side
    •  You’ll then be taken to a page that will list “President & Congress” with your two senators’ name- click on the name
    •  The next page will give you the senator’s information- click on the “Contact” tab and call the Washington, DC phone number listed
    •  Tell them “My name is (insert name) from (insert city) and I’m contacting Senator (insert name) to ask that they co-sponsor S1328, the SKILLS Act.”
    •  Please do this for BOTH of your senators and spread the word far and wide as quickly as possible

 ALA’s hope is to demonstrate the strong support school libraries have by getting 50 Senators to co-sponsor the SKILLS Act!  This will encourage Senators on the HELP Committee to agree to include the SKILLS Act in the ESEA Reauthorization bill currently being drafted.  Chairman of the Senate HELP Committee, Tom Harkin of Iowa, has said that he would like the committee to mark up the ESEA Reauthorization bill and vote it out of committee this Fall! 

 There are still only 5 co-sponsors (Rhode Island – Jack Reed & Whitehouse, MS – Cochran, WV – Rockefeller, WA – Murray & MA – Kerry) and there have been no new co-sponsors since July! School library supporters need to call both their Senators and convince them to co-sponsor S 1328, the SKILLS Act.  Let the Washington Office know what your Senator’s staff is saying, will they co-sponsor?  If not, why not?  Email alawash@alawash.org with any information.

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