Tip of the Day for 06/20/2014

Skaneateles Middle School library turned into “Library University Hospital” for two days so seventh graders learning about the endocrine system in science class could put their knowledge to the test:

“Acting as residents and interns, the students went to each of the ‘patients’ – teachers, administrators, school board members, parents and high school students – to ask questions about their symptoms, diagnose them with an endocrine-related disease and come up with a treatment program with the help of attending physicians, fellow students researching the symptoms and diseases on library computers.” http://bit.ly/1pgr1ub

What can your school library become?


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One Response to Tip of the Day for 06/20/2014

  1. Paige Jaeger says:

    ‘Love the engaged learning spotlight! Kudos for having a 21st Century learning model!
    PBL was born in the medical community, too.

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